Retinal Consultants of AZ (Dr Edward Quinlan)

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Do not patronize Dr Edward Quinlan @ Retinal Consultants of AZ.He does not keep his appointments - thinks his time is more valuable than yours.

May be the best eye Dr. in AZ (who knows because you may never get to see him) - but have an enjoyable hour or more waiting for him to see you. Worthless human being!! Have had two appointments with him and, ion both cases, waited over one hour beyond the appointed time.

Yesterday broke this camel's back - after waiting 40 minutes, I asked his assistant when he was going to see me. she said: "There is only one more patient ahead of you!!" What a Crock of &^%$.

I left.Do not make appointments with this doctor - Edward Quinlan is his name!!



Thats normal at any doctors office, epecially in the city.Check realty and get your head outta your ***.

Name one drs office that is on point about appointment time.

Seems as if someone needs some special attention.Toodles!


I am sorry that your experience was so bad.I have had 3 appointments with him, and have nothing but high praise for him and his staff.

He and his staff have been professional, kind and caring. My first visit I did have to wait about 45 minutes, but I was worked in as a last minute appointment. The other wait times have been less than 20 minutes. I don't necessarily mind having to wait as long as the dr takes time with me, and Dr Quinlan has every time.

He has answered every question I and my wife have had.

His staff has also treated me well.I'm sorry again your experience was poor, but I have nothing but praise for him and his staff.

to SteveW #976859

Can anyone tell me what his reputation is as a surgeon?I need to find the best retina surgeon in the state of Arizona.

Can anyone help?

It's urgent and I don't know where to turn.I'm new to the state.

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